Corfu Bag by Natalia Kononova With a Twist

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Could not resist making the Corfu Bag designed by Outstanding Crochet for a friend who loves dragonfly's.   So I played with the pattern and came up with a way to add a dragonfly.

I have had so many requests for the pattern I decided to share it here.   Warning I am not a designer and this is a large project so it is AT YOUR OWN RISK.  I have added close up photos to help.   Remember if there is an increase you will have to decrease somewhere to keep your stitch count correct.  I did not add all of those in the background.  At the top of the wings I did have to add a few extra decreases where they wouldn't fit on a couple previous rounds to bring the count to the same as above the fish.  

Corfu Bag


Catona has 109 colors to choose from!!

Catona colors


The  lines represent the stitches the outside border are also stitches

Dragon Fly Pattern

Thank you for all your support and hope it is helpful!

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  • For help with the videos or the original pattern you will need to contact Natalia as she is the designer of this pattern.

    The dragonfly is my own twist and the chart here is the only pattern to go off of. This is not written out instructions.

    Laura Jackson on
  • I purchased you corfu bag crochet pattern from Raverly but i can not get the videos off of you tube for part 2, 3 4 etc. Please I need help. is there anyway you can help me. I put the https://youtu.———etc. but other items come up but not you or your instructions pertaining to your bags. Please advise me what to do. Angela Arnone

    Angela Arnone on

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