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KnitPro Knit Blockers are the next innovation in blocking tools! Simply position the equivalent of 4 or 8 pins with one single Knit Blocker, greatly reducing the time required for blocking, whilst accelerating the process of stretching, shaping or stabilising knitted or crocheted projects! Both a time-saver and ensuring the even distribution of pins across your work. It’s also possible to attach a string through the Knit Blockers to maintain a consistent tension. Each KnitPro Knit Blocker is made of a tough plastic with embedded sharp stainless-steel pins. Each set contains 12 x 8-wire and 8 x 4-wire Knit

Customer Reviews

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I couldn't find my blocking pins, and I had a lace shawl to block, so I ordered these blockers from Taemombo. They're well designed, the variations in size work well for customising your blocking, and they're *adorable*. I love everything rainbow-coloured. Except Rainbow Brite. That shit freaked me out.


For years I have used pins and wires to block fine knits… works, but requires a lot of time and effort to get edges just right. These blockers are so much easier! The pins in each block are evenly spaced to cover inches of work with each block and they hold their place perfectly.

Jackie Wishart
Just Plain Awesome

Not only is my online shopping experience awesome but Laura is always there to answer questions and concerns almost immediately making me feel appreciated as a customer and definitely a repeat one at that. As far as the knit blockers go although I haven’t used them yet they are a gift to myself and I know I will get lots of use from them.

Nancy Lekx
Great gadgets!

These Knit Blockers are so much better than simple pins to block out the straight edges of a lace shawl. They hold the item in place very securely if you are looking to block aggressively.

Smart and efficient!

These are fantastic! Easy to place, secure, and compact for storage.

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